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IOO Ways to Say We is an online platform, a pre-enactment of multiple future visions, a speculative-utopian take on the possibilities of the concept of “We”. Artists, theorists, and activists from around the planet share diverse ways of living together – from the perspective of an imagined future: a map of voices, stories, and opinions that revolve around the idea of a diverse, contradictory, and ambitious “We”, which eventually creates an Archive of the Future.

Curated by Marco Baravalle, Hayat Erdoğan, Florian Malzacher, David Niederer, Nikolai E. Prawdzic & Susanne Traub.

Assistance: Lucia Graenicher.

Concept by Hayat Erdoğan, Nikolai E. Prawdzic & Florian Malzacher.

Website conception, design and development by Juan Ferrari. Development assitance by Thomas Segura, Design assistance by Pascale Lustenberger.

A co-production of Theater Neumarkt & Goethe-Institut / Performing Architecture in collaboration with Sale Docks & Florian Malzacher.

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